Story 3 | Simulizi 3

I was 10 when I first found out about sex, but it was when I first got my period that my parents talked to me about it. When it happened, I told my mom; she gave me a pad and told me, "Be careful! You can now get pregnant!" She merely told me that having a... Continue Reading →

Patience | Subira

In my Cell Biology class -- which I hadn't expected to enjoy as much as I do, by the way -- we often learn a bit about the people behind the discoveries of the various cellular processes covered in the course. As part of last Thursday's class, we watched this short video; in it Dr. Robert Weinberg, who was... Continue Reading →

Story 2 | Simulizi 2

I was 5 when I first found out about sex. Growing up I didn’t know much about periods, only that they happened to women and weren't fun. It had to do with the reproductive system, blood, and the vagina. I understood that getting your period was a milestone marking a girl's transition into "womanhood". I also... Continue Reading →

Story 1 | Simulizi 1

I honestly don't remember the age at which I first found out about sex. When I first got my period, I told my mother. She said that I was becoming a woman. I kind of already had an idea because I'd seen aunts and older cousins use sanitary products. There was no shame about nakedness,... Continue Reading →

Fear | Woga

When I told one of my best friends about this project, she immediately offered to be there for me should any negative backlash arise. Her words, while necessary and appreciated, made me apprehensive about what I had done. I would be lying if I said I wasn't one bit nervous about this blog; the internet is a scary place, and... Continue Reading →

The Story Project | Mradi wa Simulizi

Have you ever wondered how people your age in other cultures were taught about puberty? Through conversation with friends from other African cultures over the years, and through my work as a medical interpreter*, I have realised that there are commonalities in our experiences of being taught about puberty/sexual health -- and in the dearth, too.... Continue Reading →

Welcome! | Karibuni!

Welcome to my very new blog! I've never blogged before, so I'll be learning as I go along. Advance apologies for any mix-ups and/or posting delays. This is a personal challenge in many ways, including that it's the manifestation of an idea I've been sitting on for many months (if not years) and that I... Continue Reading →

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