Beautiful health | Afya yenye urembo

One thing I never thought I'd say in this lifetime: I taught a makeup and head wrap class! Last Monday, I ran a Look Good, Feel Better® (LGFB) workshop. LGFB is an American Cancer Society program that I've been volunteering with since 2014; we teach women who are undergoing or recently completed cancer therapies (chemotherapy, radiation, surgery)... Continue Reading →

Patience | Subira

In my Cell Biology class -- which I hadn't expected to enjoy as much as I do, by the way -- we often learn a bit about the people behind the discoveries of the various cellular processes covered in the course. As part of last Thursday's class, we watched this short video; in it Dr. Robert Weinberg, who was... Continue Reading →

Fear | Woga

When I told one of my best friends about this project, she immediately offered to be there for me should any negative backlash arise. Her words, while necessary and appreciated, made me apprehensive about what I had done. I would be lying if I said I wasn't one bit nervous about this blog; the internet is a scary place, and... Continue Reading →

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